Costume craze

The Junior and Grand Kadooment bands, which veteran leader/designer, Gwyneth Squires, will put on the road this year, are almost sold out.

TODAY this afternoon that of the 360 costumes in the children’s segment, only 10 were left. As far as the adult band was concerned, she said three out of the seven sections were sold.

Squires revealed that her 400-strong senior masquerade band was this year using the overall theme Barbados In Living Colour.

“It is something topical. Whereas we have Economic Blues, we have Liming With The Rich and Famous, we have Seeing Red, which is pertaining to REDjet, then we have The Globe that just close down, then we have Only Four A Season,” the band leader explained.

She also identified another adult section as From Wasteland to Greenland, a reference to the dump. Squires said the final section was Barbados In Living Colour.

She noted the sections which had been sold out were Barbados In Living Colour, From Wasteland to Greenland and Only Four A Season.

The theme for the Junior Kadooment band is Fruits-a- Plenty. Squires listed the fruit sections

Band leader Gwyneth Squires examines her costume which depicts the REDjet collapse.

as Mangoes, Bananas, Grapes, Pawpaws, Bajan Cherries and Golden Apples.

When a team from this newspaper visited the band house yesterday, workers were busy putting the finishing touches on various costumes.

Squires even showed us a replica of a REDjet plane, which will be part of the Seeing Red section in the Grand Kadooment band. (EJ)

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