Clash of the artistes

Digicel’s Alex Tasker and Tent Manager Peter Boyce.

Celebration Time is getting ready for a big clash this Crop-Over.

But it is not between the tents, but artistes, Tent Manager Peter Boyce said yesterday at the press briefing about the August 1 event.

Dubbed Old Hype versus New Hype, the event will be held in the Party Stand of Kensignton Oval and will feature members of the tent’s cast such as Khiomal, Edwin, Ramseses Browne, Lil’ Rick, Black Pawn Crimeson, Phillip 7, and other artists including Red Plastic Bag, Dutty Android, King Bubba, Alan Shepherd, Soca Kartel, Skinny Fabulous, DJs Sheldon Papp and Level Vibes, and a surprise act.

There will be a “long awaited clash between Admiral Nelson and DJ Indian”.

Janelle Walcott, a member of the tent’s management team, said they believe in promoting and assisting young talent which they did this year with the inclusion of the Akeem and ShaqAttack.

“Music has evolved in the Caribbean and internationally and Crop-Over too has evolved with a steady injection of cross-over soca and dub music and collaborations with artistes across the Caribbean. The younger generation is creating a new trend and music which has become the new hype across Barbados and the Caribbean. With this in mind, Celebration Time’s Old Hype versus New Hype embraces these new fusions …,” she said.

Boyce said that the event was a “brand new format” for a calypso tent as they were looking “because some people are under the impression that the calypso tent as a format is dying, so we’re looking to revamp that and create what could be a calypso tent in the future”.

“It will be different on August the first,” he said. “It is both a show and a fete. You have the Party Stand section where you can get to party all night at a ridiculous price… We still have the stands which means if you want to sit and enjoy the event you can do that, we’re going to have a special VIP section. So this is an event that caters to all of the demographics so we want to invite all of Barbados to come out,” he said.

Boyce thanked the public for its support and the sponsors for making the tent possible.

“We’ve had quite a level of success as it relates to Party Monarch and we are filled with euphoria and jollification at the number of people that have made it into the Party Monarch competition from Celebration Time calypso tent. We have more than half of the Party Monarch competitors in Celebration Time we have Khiomal by himself and Peter Coppin, who is also a Digicel ambassador,” he said.

Digicel’s Commercial Director, Alex Tasker, said that they were “extremely delighted” to be a part of the Crop-Over 2012.

“Digicel has had a very strong showing in the way we present ourselves to the public in relation to supporting national culture and every year we made a commitment that we will be involved in Crop-Over as one of the major companies in Barbados,” he said.

He noted that the telecommunications company has been supporting Celebration Time tent for three years, and they had things in common such as striving for excellence, the commitment to customers and patrons and pushing Bajan culture.

Tasker also wished the contestants in the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions success and urged them to ensure the patrons had a good time.

He added he was looking forward to the end of this season where he and the tent’s management would sit and discuss plans for the future. (DS)

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