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What you see is what you get

We live in a world where you can probably find a cliche, proverb or old folk story to relate to most situations we encounter. And often, when faced with a difficult challenge these words of wisdom turn out to be just what you may need.

However, some of us often times place ourselves right in the middle of a sticky situation even though life has provided them with a million and one warning signals — ‘stop’, ‘do not enter’ and ‘danger ahead’ signs.

Let’s narrow in to the topic of relationships for example. Individuals usually have a list of characteristics and personality traits that they would love their significant other to possibly possess, if not in entirety sometimes even a few would do. People sometimes get caught off guard and fall for someone that usually wouldn’t have even made the “draft list” of their expectations.

But rather than simply accepting that this person is far from the typical, they try to transform them into their usual “pick” and that’s one of the most biggest mistakes in relationships. People always seem to believe that they can change someone into exactly what they want them to be, as if the individual is clay to be molded. Just remember: “If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s most likely a DUCK!”


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