Being marketable

It’s all about creating a marketable product.

From the time you start school that’s the goal. Your academic achievements, your extracurricular activities and any other special skills you possess could be considered to be your selling points.

Then you start working on your sales pitch trying your best to sell your product and show that yours is much better than the others.

So it’s integral that you know what selling points stand out and make sure those are the ones you work with. Not saying the others are completely neglected, but you’re looking for the attributes that will attract potential buyers. It could be a 4.0 GPA and graduating with first class honours or you could just be a likable person.

You never stop trying to improve your product. Something new can always be introduced that may give you the edge. You gotta remember different things about your product may attract different buyers and it ends up being a case where you have a number of offers from varying demographics.

So work on perfecting your product. Eventually you will get an offer you can’t resist.


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