Stuart heads onto MMA world stage

Barbadian Mixed Martial Arts champion Renaldo Stuart will be stepping into the international spotlight next week Saturday.

Stuart, out of the local Lion’s Den training camp, will be making his debut at the International MMA Contest in St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.

Stuart is a prot?g? of top local coach Vincent Smith, and was able to place his name in the reckoning when he forced a Martiniquan fighter into submission in less than two minutes at the January 28, 2012 Massacre III.

Stuart, with a 2-1 record, has been competing locally and regionally in various forms of combat competitions successfully for the past four years.

Top USA MMA magazines and scouts will be attending the event and looking for new talent from the region to market in the USA and Canada.

Stuart is being managed by local MMA promoter Rollins Alleyne.

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