Into the deep

Campers journey into Harrison’s Cave.

Sixty children plus the assistant directors visited Harrison’s Cave, which Director Dr. Kenrick Ward said was one of several tours planned over the six weeks.

He told Barbados TODAY that the 85 campers would be experiencing first hand what Barbados had to offer.

“We have other tours coming up to go to the Wildlife Reserve, Greenland Agricultural Station which is a dairy farm, and the Soil Conservation Unit. We’re teaching the children about the importance of Barbados and tourism, why the tourists come, why they return so often, why they love Barbados and about hospitality. We’re also teaching them about the importance of the Cave the fact that it’s a tourist attraction and they can see it on websites and how tourists speak about [it], and the geology,” he said.

What he also noted was that the camp was in its fifth year and it was part of the National Summer Camp programme.

There are eight assistants who teach the youngsters art, craft, drama as well as English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge daily.

“We found that a lot of the children go to secondary school and primary school but their reading is not good as years ago so we have to teach them proper speaking and reading skills,” Ward added.

A closing ceremony will be planned so the parents and relative of the children attending the Hillaby, St. Andrew based camp, would see how they spent their time and what they learnt. (DS)

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