Curry In A Hurry

Roberts Manufacturing is introducing a new product just in time for Crop-Over.

General Manager David Foster told Barbados TODAY this morning at the Frank Collymore Hall that Barbadians could soon expect “Curry In A Hurry” on the shelves in supermarkets.

The product is a spread which incorporated the curry flavour, he explained, adding it could be used for frying or baking. Foster said the product was introduced at the Barbados Manufacturers’ Expo in May, testing was done and the feedback was extremely good

“So the product has now gone into Brydens and SBI, it will be launched over the Crop-Over season and we certainly hope the public will respond well… We are looking to export that as well — many of the distributors that we have spoken to are very interested in the product.

“There is a conference to be held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on August 7 and obviously Roberts Manufacturing will be participating in this event. This is an ideal opportunity for us to push the Buy Bajan campaign and we will be doing our utmost in whichever area we can to push that as well and hopefully many returning nationals would take this product back to their country,” he said.

The curry spread will be launched in the 445 gram container but, based on the response, they would decide whether they could offer it in a larger container. He also added that another product, garlic spread, was very popular, was packaged in the 220 gram container, and because of constant requests they will consider putting it in the one pound size as well, but additional packaging was the issue.

In spite of challenges in the business community, Foster confirmed that Roberts Manufacturing will, for the 17th year, partner with the National Cultural Foundation to host the Foreday Mornin’ jam.

Foster, who was also President of the BMA, said he believed it was a worthwhile event. He said the event brought communities together and it was the mandate of Roberts, and sister company Pinnacle Feeds, to get involved in the community and push local products.

“We have a $500 million to $600 million food import bill and we certainly would like to see that reduced significantly, and we will play our part in doing that.

“One of the main things we would like to do is see more homegrown produce here in Barbados. We like to think that we are involved in the community, and we do a lot of sponsorship, not only in terms cultural, but also training farmers. We take them on shows and make sure that they are educated through seminars here in Barbados, and that is our mandate; to further people’s education,” he said. (KC)

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