ViZion a reality

After five years in the making, reggae/hip-hop artist Oliver ViZion Gale recently released his compact disc with a special launch.

Speaking to Barbados today at St. Lawrence Gap, ViZion noted his satisfaction in being able to move from a single song to producing an entire album and from one music video to almost half a dozen.

He added that he believed one of the hardest places to make it as an artiste was in Barbados and in order to move beyond the local ceiling an artiste had to set his sights on the United States.

Describing himself as one of the most hungry artistes in Barbados, ViZion said: “I ain’t stopping ’til I eat some food.”

ViZion’s manager, Mario Williams, said they have targeted the United States and the United Kingdom, but the response from the former had been much stronger, largely because ViZion had a hip hop core which was more popular there.

KB Sharp, an increasing popular rapper, said: “ViZion is humble and intelligent; he has his head on and his performances are impactful. He’s always working and always ready.

“ViZion is easy to work with because he is willing to work hard.”

His†career started blooming in 2007 when he released a hit song called Girl I Need You, which provided opportunities for him to perform at major music festivals, including Reggae on the Hill, Reggae on the Beach and a special Tribute to Bob Marley.

In 2008, he was nominated for a Barbados Music Awards, while the following year brought significant rewards as he studied and sang all over England at the same time. He noted though that because of the conflict between his career and the demands of studying, he almost dropped out of school. With persistence, however, he persisted and was rewarded with his business degree.

In 2011, ViZion began to work on his first album of original music and on July 4, 2012 he released his Dream or Die album, which consisted of music from 2007 to 2012.†It contained 14 tracks – Take Off, The Beach House, Girl I Need You, HiGrade, Never Let Them, Hustle Hard, 16 Missed Calls, Gone, Over This Line, Let’s Get Love Tonight, High, The Good Life, This Plane, Dream or Die.†††

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