Lovely Lime

Good friends, good food, and good music made for a great evening when Wadadah held their second event for the Crop-Over 2k12.

It was a lime held at the re-opened Player’s Pavilion at the corner of Grazettes and Tudor Bridge in St. Michael, Sydney Cox told Barbados TODAY.

Tomorrow is the very popular Back-To-School fete for which sales are going good and as “expected”. The box offices were replenished today and he said they were expecting the last minute rush.

About the lime Cox said: “We will be moving to Clock Tower for the next fete. We were there to launch the venue and to open the bar to the public. Just before [the lime] there would have been the cruise and things area going as planned. We’re getting the responses that we are expecting. It is still a good crowd, we didn’t do a lot of advertising for it and from all reports they had a good groove and we also saw some of the old faces that we would have missed over the years,” he said. (DS)

Photos by Wendell Bailey.

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