Red Cross recruits ready

Emergency medical response course participants at closing ceremony.

12 volunteers better

equipped after completing emergency response course

The Barbados Red Cross Society is now better equipped to give assistance to people in need of emergency care.

That’s because 12 of its volunteers successfully completed a two-week Emergency Medical Response course. At a closing ceremony held last Friday at the Red Cross headquarters in Warrens, St. Michael, Director General, Edmond Bradshaw, congratulated the participants for their efforts in upgrading their skills.

“The Barbados Red Cross supports the initiative by the Ministry of Health to encourage all ambulance services in Barbados to attain the best standards possible. For me, this is much satisfaction to witness the success of the Barbados Red Cross volunteers following two weeks of intense, theoretical and practical work in this emergency medical course training.

“This Red Cross course is designed by Jamal Ford and lead instructor Shelly-Ann Chase, the medical experts consider it the most comprehensive such course that they have seen in Barbados,” he said.

Considered the longest serving Non-Governmental Organisation in Barbados, Bradshaw also added that it was their intention to offer another emergency response course and a further Emergency Medical Technician course as well as a paramedics course.

For ten days participants were exposed to basic medical terminology, knowledge of medical and legal issues, how to safely lift and move clients, how to perform basic assessments and tests as well as how to operate an emergency vehicle.

Senior Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Elizabeth Ferdinand, said she was pleased with the initiative of the society and the skills improved and learnt over the couple weeks.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank the Red Cross for all their work in Barbados, not only in the disaster management field and for their proactive involvement in running a course such as this which will prepare competent and skilled officers to respond to any type of disaster.

“As you all know with the increased traffic on the road the number of accidents is increasing and when such an event occurs and often it is the first responder that can make all the difference in the outcome for the patient.

“The successful knowledge of how to conduct basic life support is useful for any emergency to which you may happen to be present and to be in a position to assist and even contribute to saving a life,” she said. (KC)

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