Peacemaker killed in cold blood

PORT OF SPAIN — One of the things Wayne Ollivierra visioned the most was peace in the community where he lived.

He was an active member of the Gonzales Village Council and always sought to develop new strategies that would encourage the youths in the area to steer clear from becoming involved in a life of crime.

Yesterday that vision came to a sudden and tragic end, when Ollivierra himself fell victim to murderers – he was shot more than 20 times as he stood outside his home at the corner of Gloster Lodge Road and Lovers Lane in Gonzales.

Crime scene investigators spent close to five hours on the scene, collecting a total of 30 bullet shells which were found scattered along the roadway.

Around 10:30 a.m., Ollivierra, 40, was standing outside his home, when three men approached and began shooting. He was shot multiple times, including in the head and neck, before he collapsed in a drain and died.

Before escaping through a track in the area, his killers took his wallet and gold chain, investigators said.

But despite their escape, police said they were confident arrests would be made soon, as there were CCTV cameras in the area which may have captured footage of the murder.

Officers said Ollivierra was not known to be involved in any criminal activities, but they believed his death may be linked to the shooting of a man and a teenager at The Harpe on Saturday night, not far from where Ollivierra lived. (Express)

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