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“All good things must come to an end” – this English quote sums up the feeling of the leaders and boys who attended the National Centenary “FUN” Cub Scout camp – held at the Lester Vaughan Secondary School from July 4 – 8, 2012.

The camp began with the arrival of the boys and Leaders. As the boys and Leaders mingled, met and got registered they were greeted by the Camp Chief, Dr. Rosina Maitland, the Deputy Camp Chief, Carolyn Maynard, and other members of the Administration team of the camp. The first few hours were used as the settling in time, then the fun began.

The opening ceremony was held at 4 p.m. on July 4. It was at this time that we were all welcomed to the camp and told the ins and outs of camp life by the Camp Chief. She also presented the Chief Commissioner, Dr. Nigel Taylor and the District Commissioners and Deputy District Commissioners who were present with the official Camp Badge for this camp. Then the campers and Leaders settled in for more “get to know you time” until the meat of the activity began.

The second day of the camp was filled with a tour to B’s Recycling plant, craft, games and singing. The tour to the recycling plant was very informative as boys returned all hyped about the recycling process and what they could do to get involved in it. Day three was also an action packed day with another tour to Earthworks pottery where boys got to see local craftsmen at work.

On Saturday morning the camp was abuzz with excitement. It was hike day and boys were eager to show how fit they were as they walked from the camp site to the Welchman Hall Gully where they were met by tour guides who took them on a tour of the gully and showed them all the interesting things to be found in this beautiful ecosystem.

The evening was filled with more excitement as the Beaver Scouts joined them for their part of the camp experience and the highlight of the camp was yet to come.

The camp fire session the most anticipated session, one could find each little group off in a corner practising what they planned to show off for their camp mates to see at this session. As the time drew nearer the excitement filled the area and as the boys assembled in the dimly lit hall they stared in awe and wonder at the covered item in the centre of the room.

Then the light was turned off and the voice of Leader Gloria Bryan and Antoinette Williams filled the room to start the session. The campers oohed and aaahed as the “campfire” was lit and then the room burst into a rousing tune of “Campfire’s burning”. From then on it was a fun packed session of singing, skits, jokes, even some posing and a few games. A great time was had by both boys and leaders who pulled themselves away to bed for the closing ceremony on the final day.

It was unbelievable. It was the final day already. The participants of this camp did not seem very eager for it to come to an end but end it had too. The final day began with a Scouts Own conducted by leaders Hyacinth Blades and Celestine Straker. Then it was clean up and pack up time and the camp site was a whirl of activity.

Soon it was time for the final activity the Closing Ceremony and the Surprise Concert for the parents. This concert was a showcase of some of the things the boys learnt at camp. There was a sign language display by the boys to two gospel tunes, playing of two songs on the musical instruments called the Boom Whackers, line dancing and singing. The parents were very impressed and the highlight of the activity was the forming of the 100 years by the boys and leaders in the square. Then it was time for last good byes and until next times. Camp Fun was over.

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