Feting in Colour

by Alicia Sinckler

Paint, powder, water and good music came together to make one massive Puff of Colour 3.

A modest crowd partied hardy to the hits of the season well past sunrise on Sunday morning, despite intermittent downpours. Previously setting sail on the high seas, this year’s event brought its party to shore and dry-docked at the intimate setting of Carlisle House.

There, patrons were treated to a transformed courtyard outfitted with a jumping tent and water slide, water filled squirt toys, and an overhead sprinkler system adding to the novelty of this J’ouvert themed fete.

Kirk Phillips of Chelsea Boyzz said that Carlisle House was chosen to maintain the level of quality that party goers have come to expect from their events; while the added attractions were designed to create an unforgettable experience unlike any other fete of the season. He also said that Chelsea Boyzz’ aim was to build anticipation and suspense about this year’s Puff of Colour so very little information was revealed beforehand about the location of the event; and from all accounts it was well worth with.

White was the required wear for Puff of Colour 3, and this request was keenly supported by those attending. They were even more enthusiastic to convert their white outfits in true J’ouvert style with vibrant shades of red and blue powdered paint that blended into various shades of purple by the end of the fete.

The powder filled air, the water themed attraction complimented by nature, good drinks and slamming music made for a memorable time at Puff of Colour 2012.

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