Cops injured in murder-suicide stand-off

NASSAU — Three police officers were shot and dozens of others ducked gunfire while trying to extract a woman who was killed by a neighbour who eventually took his own life in a Bamboo Town community shortly after midnight yesterday, according to police.

Officials said 33-year-old Casey Adderley, who worked at a Columbian Emeralds jewellery store, was shot twice by 22-year-old Breon Carroll as she walked to the front door of her apartment around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

Carroll, who lived next door to Adderley, opened fire on her with a shotgun from the window next to his front door, said police.

Adderley was taken to hospital but she succumbed to her injuries a short time later.

When officers responded to the scene, Carroll allegedly opened fire on them, eventually hitting three officers in the hand and other areas.

They were taken to hospital, treated and later discharged, said police.

When additional officers responded to the scene they discovered Carroll dead inside his home, with a gunshot injury to the head. Police also recovered the shotgun Carroll reportedly used.

Carroll’s mother was at home when he ended his life, according to police.

Central Detective Unit chief Superintendent Paul Rolle said police are still trying to figure out what prompted the incident.

“We are not certain as to the motive as to why that happened,” Rolle said. “We are still trying to talk to the neighbors to see if anything was going on between them.”

He added that police also expect to question Carroll’s mother.

Rolle said at the end of the day police want to be completely sure about what happened.

“Once we’re satisfied that he’s the person responsible, we will close the murder case and send the suicide case to the Coroner’s Court,” Rolle said.

The murder count now stands at 73 for the year so far, mirroring the count held this same time last year, according to The Nassau Guardian’s records. (Nassau Guardian)

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