Just party!

Bash Brothaz, from left to right: Russell D Grant, Koir Greaves and Sean Sargeant.

An architect, an accountant and an IT specialist have come together to again bring Barbadians one of the most anticipated events for the Crop-Over season.

Every year since 2009 Russell D Grant, Sean Sargeant and Kori Greaves, The Bash Brothaz have brought Frazzled. In an interview with Barbados TODAY last evening, Greaves said the main objective of their event was for Barbadians to come out to “party” and not just stand up and watch each other.

Grant added that they started the party in Barbados because as regulars to fetes and parties they had realised that when people arrived to the event it took a while for the people and party to get into swing. However, he said, Frazzled was much different in that aspect.

“We are accustomed to going out to parties, partying hard back in the day at Mr. Blue. Nowadays, when you go out it is just a stand up and lime affair; people start partying at 2 o’clock in the mornings so that was our idea to try to change that. The people that come to our party just come to have a good time, no fights or anything, strictly partying.

“Frazzled has a certain vibe and atmosphere, the vibe is really different from most other parties. As soon as people come in our party they start to party, drinking — it’s all about enjoying yourself. People don’t necessarily come dressed up in heels and log sleeve shirts — they come to be comfortable and to party,” Greaves said.

Frazzled was the brainchild of Grant, and he started it in New York back in 2007. When it came to the island three years ago the first installment was held at the tennis courts in Wildey. In 2010 it moved to the †Cricket Legends† and last year at the historic Kensington Oval thousands of party goers turned out.

The fourth hosting will be held this year at the BTI Willoughby Fort on August 2.†Sargeant credited the group’s continued growth to their ability to bring something different to the party.

“It started out as we wanting to bring something different to the party scene and not the same old thing. Then we introduced the colour changing cups. The colour changes whenever you put chilled beverages into them.†People like it as a souvenir and it is a competitive thing too because some people try to get all of the colour cups. Also because it changes colour with the temperature, if your cup doesn’t change colour, for instance, or the colour goes back to normal people know you had that drink for a while and you just posing with it,” he said.

He noted they were not promoting alcoholism, but rather, drinking beverages whether hard drink or soft for pure enjoyment.

The Bash Brothaz said they intended to be around for a long time and continue to grow from strength to strength. (KC)

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