Full contact

Grand Kadooment band Contact is aiming to have 1,300 revellers this year while making contact with the road from Warrens to the Spring Garden Highway.

Band Leader, Anthony Layne said that although the numbers for registration this year are coming in slower than last year’s they have almost hit the 1,000 revellers mark.

He said things are “not going so bad” but the band is not sold out as yet and noted that around June last year they were sold out.The band which has been in existence for 24 years has nine sections which are, Ruk-a-tuk, Wukking Up, Dialect, Cane, Cane Cutters, Rum, Sugar, National Dish and Pulcherima.

Those jumping with the band would not have to worry about security, as they would have a team of 100 guards. There would also be two music trucks, one with a DJ and the other wit, krosfyah.

On Kadooment day, revellers would get breakfast, transportation from Warrens to Spring Garden, drinks and snacks and dinner.

However, those in the VIP section would be transported by an air-conditioned coach and would be able to receive foot massages. Those people playing mas’ with Contact and are planning to attend Soca Royale, would be transported to and from the event as well as receive a T-Shirt, drinks, lunch, snacks and can party to music from DJs’ during intermission.

The prices for the bands’ costumes are $575 for the front line which is sold out, a group special which is $550 and VIP $750 The only challenge Layne said the band faced was trying to get the designs for the different sections sorted. (MR)

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