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Bajan Olympians

Bajan Olympians

Stadium during the 1st Olympic Games in 1896.

The series will also highlight the Barbados Olympians over the 10 Olympiads in which we have competed.


XVIV Olympiad — Mexico City, 1968

Athletics: Ezra Burnham (deceased), Hadley Hinds

Cycling: Colin Forde, Kensley Reece, Richard Roett (deceased), Michael Stoute

Shooting: Milton Tucker (deceased)

Swimming: Angus Edghill

Weightlifting: Anthony “Mango” Phillips (deceased)

XV Olympiad — Helsinki 1952

Cycling: Ken Farnum (competed as a member of the Jamaican team)

XVII Olympiad — Rome 1960

Athletics: James Wedderburn (competed as a member of the West Indies team in the 4×400 metre relay, winning a bronze medal)

XX Olympiad — Munich 1972

Athletics: Freida Nicholls, Marcia Trotman, Lorna Forde, Barbara Bishop, Heather Gooding, Caspar Springer, Clifford Brooks

Cycling: Orlando Bates, Hector Edwards, Kensley Reece

Shooting: Cavour Morris (deceased), Milton Tucker (deceased)

Weightlifting: Anthony “Mango’ Phillips (deceased)

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