Attracting what you want

Below are some simple steps that will help you clarify what your real “wants” are. Further, it will help you in dealing with any doubts you have and help you overcome the inner critic.

1. Know what you want.

2. Visualize your wish.

3. Be Alert.

Know What You Want

Be aware of what you want. Practise this. Take any topic like, discovering the ideal partner, creation of wealth, being a great author, buying your ideal house etc. This is my personal belief that the law of attraction will always work best when you want something that is helpful to others.

Visualise your wish as fulfilled

Know what you want. To do this, you can list all things you wish. At times, you will know what you don’t want. Use this to know what you want. For example, if you know that you don’t want your house to be an hour away from office, you can use it to state that you want your house to be 10 minutes away from office.

Make sure that all you wish is stated in a positive manner. The next step is to visualise your wish as fulfilled. Just imagine what you would do or what the circumstance would be when your wish is fulfilled. If possible, imagine every tiny detail of such a situation.

Be Alert

Many a times, our inner critic makes us doubt our capability. When this happens, cut it at the root. Change your attitude. Do anything or activity that will break all your inhibitions. Go for a walk, a drive or divert yourself into activity in which you will get involved. This will make you ignore the Inner Critic. Another method is to just tell the voice to be silent.

To quell all self doubts appreciate all that you can find around you. Notice anything and everything, big or small and appreciate it. I have cultivated a habit of appreciating everything that happened the previous day before I begin my day. This make me love it more when I recollect all the wonderful things that happened the past day.

Be alert to opportunities that the universe provides us. Initially, when I came to know of deliberate attraction, I was under the impression that the only thing I am expected to do is to think positive and I will be delivered what I wish in its exact form. But I was wrong.

Nature will provide you all the ingredients and opportunities to grab and make the most. You have to be alert to recognise such an opportunity and use it for your benefit.

Each and every step in this process is crucial for the success of your attraction. I wish you all luck and success in your endeavour to attract what you want to make your life a lot better.

* Dr. Adrian Daisley is a Certified Life Coach, Business Consultant/ Marketing Partner at Employee Development and Computer Training Centre

Founder of Think and Prosper

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