What to do for summer?

Summer is that time of year that everyone usually looks forward to; the weather is perfect with clear, blue skies and beautiful sunshine — words such as fun, freedom and endless possibilities are closely related to it. Most educational institutions are closed for that period and students are simply elated. The kids are off to their numerous camps and summer programmes with their many activities, where they get to be either very active as they run around playing a sport and go on field trips or be more on the passive side as they sit and are educated about many facts about the society they live in.

In cases such as those, representatives from certain agencies usually come into the camp to make presentations, get the children involved and implant knowledge about a certain topic they were unaware of or bring clarity to topics which they previously had skewed information on.

But what about the working teen? We really only have it one of two ways. It’s either work to death and hustle hard to save up some cash and enjoy your vacation by being able to afford our wants rather then our needs and the luxuries our heart desires. Or be able to stay home and sleep and be lazy 24/7 but broke and can’t afford to go many places and not really enjoy your summer.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place?!


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