Simmons: Teacher deserves apology from Broomes

A face of concern? Jeff Broomes.

Alexandra School science teacher Amaida Greaves deserves an apology from her Principal Jeff Broomes. Calling comments Broomes made publicly in December last year, when he alleged Greaves had not taught a fourth form class for a term, “very unfortunate”, chairman of the school’s board of management Keith Simmons, QC, said the principal’s action had embarrassed the school’s entire teaching staff. He said the matter concerned him not only because it had not been reported to the board by Broomes, but also because the teacher’s side had not been heard. “Really that was bad … and I think that Mr. Broomes should be big enough to say I apologise for that because nobody knows if it was the truth or not, nobody knows if there was a genuine explanation; there might be a genuine explanation,” he stated. Simmons said if factual, Greaves would have been in contravention of the Public Service Act, but added he did not know the facts and therefore could say she was in breach.

Have not heard her side

“I do not know if she did not teach for a term. I have not heard her side so I cannot conclude that she did not teach for a term. I would have to hear what she has to say,” he told the Alexandra Commission of Enquiry when it sat today at the Wildey Gymnasium Simmons said it was wrong for Broomes to criticise Greaves at Speech Day last December 2, and that it was always better to praise people in public but take them to the office and “rip the clothes off of them” in private. The former Minister of Education said as far as he knew Greaves was “a very good teacher” in the past and therefore he was “a little surprised” when he heard her name called in such circumstances. “I am making the point, though, that I think it was in poor taste,” he said. “I do not know the circumstances. People kill, (but) because you kill that doesn’t mean it is murder, so I want to know.” Simmons said Broomes “had an obligation to bring it to the board” so it could help resolve the issue as the Minister of Education’s representative. (SC)

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