Set for semis

Dynamo will perform Use Wisdom.

by Latoya Burnham

When the semi-finals of the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Competition comes off at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre tomorrow night, there will be 26 youngsters going before the judges for a place in the finals.

The Junior Monarch competition is usually split into two categories, Eight to 12 years and 13 to 18 years, with 13 contestants in each this year.

Again this year the topics are wide and varied from songs that tackle issues of violence, to the nationalistic, to those that deal with funny topics like BlackBerry phones or naked streakers at cricket.

Judging by the early tents that were held to give the public a taste of what was to come as well as provide the youngsters with a feel of the stage and performing before a live audience, tomorrow night at seven will be a tough one to judge.

There are some favourites in each category that are accustomed to the stage by now, having been in several competitions over the past years, but particularly in the Eight to 12s, there are a few new fresh faces with some serious talent that could challenge the oldsters.

In that category we have Blossom doing Poor People; Jazz-Z – Cricket; Minnie – The Drums; Mighty King – Stop The Discrimination; Black Beauty – Driving Mad; Dynamo – Use Wisdom; G-Baby – Hot Water; Raanan – The New Raanan; AG – Striking and Sweeping; Jade – Raise Your Flag; Quinn P – Ah Come To You, Shango Man; Winette – Sound Education and Mighty Princess – Make Time For Your Children.

In the 13 to 18 Category, there are fewer new ones, but there is still enough competition among the entire group to make the semis an equally tough fight.

The contestants are: Adela – Guide Me; Mandisa – My Advice; Nubian Queen – You Do Dat In Front Of We; AC – Ya Can’t Beat Me Again; Lil Az – Black Woman Rising; Niecee – Blackberry Sheep; Small One – Stop The Bullying; Queen Ash? – Looka How Yuh Change; Jamoo – Just Hold On; Mhizz-Z – Education; T-Girl – I Am H.I.V.; Young Dia – Pray, and Ari-G – Stand Up.

The show begins at 7 p.m. with the juniors of the Juniors, and will culminate with the senior category and the announcement of those who will go forward to the finals.

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