Jack: Peaceful nights in troubled spots

PORT OF SPAIN — National Security Minister Jack Warner yesterday disclosed that persons living in crime hot spots have been having peaceful nights within recent times.

Speaking after a meeting with the Police Service Commission at its Queen Street, Port-of-Spain office, Warner attributed this peacefulness to more joint patrols being carried out by police and soldiers.

“There are more joint patrols every night, there is more security in Laventille, there is higher level of police visibility and in key spots too. I receive a report from the police every morning on what was done the night before and the prognosis for the day to come. I report to the Prime Minister of what has transpired.

“We are thrilled when the reports we have received suggest that in the hot spots, at night, there is peace. That is an ongoing process that we intend to continue,” Warner said, adding that he met with the PSC, “a key component” in the governance structure of the police service.

He described yesterday’s meeting with the PSC and its chairman Prof Ramesh Deosaran as “enlightening”, but did not want to disclose details of what was discussed. Warner said he wants to meet again with the commission in the next three weeks.

“The fact is, there are some governance principles we have to look at again all in all to make the service more effective … more accountable. For me it (the meeting) has been an eye opener regarding the issues we discussed. We shall continue to discuss them at our next meeting,” he said.

Asked if he and the commission chairman discussed the performance appraisal for Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs and Deputy Commissioner of Police Jack Ewatski – both Canadians and brought down to work on contract – Warner answered in the affirmative but he did not want to go into specifics.

On Monday, Warner met with Chief Justice Ivor Archie as well as local Government heads. He said these meetings were bound to bear fruit and it will redound to the benefit of a better country.

He added that he will meet with Gibbs next week Friday. He also intends to meet the Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier General Kenrick Maharaj and plans to visit various police stations unannounced. (Newsday)

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