Hundreds flock for pork

people come out in droves to get taste of pork lime

There was pork galore, drinks galore, wining galore and people galore at last Friday’s Pork Lime.

Thousands of people attended the weekly Crop-Over event at the sports club of the telecommunications company in Wildey, St. Michael which also featured the Sweet Soca Semi-Finals.

After the competition ended, some people mingled, and ate while others danced to the tunes played by DJ Fabian which included the Lewwe Cheat by Crab Soldier as well as Throw a Tantrum by Crimeson.†

Even though hundreds of people left the venue after the seven sweet soca†finalists were announced, scores more were pouring in to soak up the atmosphere and the music of what some call the “sweetest lime” of Crop-Over. (MR)

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