Hooked on worship

kadooment alternative brings in the crowd for second year running

by Nichole Murray

Two Mile Hill was ablaze with the sound of music and song last Sunday at the Ablaze Worship Celebration, now touted as Kadooment’s alternative.

The second annual event created an environment for people to dance liberally and release their tensions, hurts and problems. Unlike Kadooment Day, however, the jumping and waving was not a show in revelry, but in worship of God.

The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre came alive at 5 p.m. with joyful worship and jubilation, led by the worship team comprising Caroline Colthrust, Richard Cummins and Tracia Phillips. Alex Blackman of The Silvertones led the congregation with He’s Able. Bright colours also adorned the dance teams, which led the packed room in movement under the theme Breath of Heaven. Worshippers were invited to release their tension in acts of high praise to popular worship songs such as He Reigns, Let It Rise and Lord of Lords.

Those present broke out in unified chorus to the song You Are For Me, the entire atmosphere of the event became solemn, with members of the congregation, as well as members of the band led by accomplished musician, Lowry Worrell, bowing down in prayerful reflection. There was such an intense experience that tears flowed freely, as burdens were lifted away. The ‘Fire’ of God’s presence came in various ways through prophetic ministry and the sermon.

At a significant point in the service, pastors and ministry leaders were invited to come together in front of the congregation for prayer. In an unexpected twist, a team of prophets was called to speak the word of God to the church leaders. In a season where prophets have been sidelined for various reasons, including a lack of fulfillment of prophecies, a team of prophets was called to people at the altar, to the leaders and to random individuals in attendance. Evidence of accurate prophecy was not long in coming, as people cried, fell to their knees and loudly expressed joy and gratitude that God still speaks today and has not forgotten them.

Apostle Elect, David Coulthrust encouraged those who are going through difficult circumstances to move toward the altar. The pastor of the host assembly, Word Alive Christian Centre, highlighted that many individuals are living with hurt and pain, sometimes which seems too much to bear. Scores of people answered the call and made their way after he noted that God is still a healer.

In his sermon, Coulthrust advised that “the worst thing we can ever do in life is to give up on your dreams”. He emphasised that this may involve removing close friends and love ones who are dream killers.

“You have to have the courage to remove negative people from your life. The bigger the vision God has given you, the more the issues that come to distract you from the vision. You cannot have a testimony unless you have an issue but you have to put these issues in perspective.”

His admonitions became personal and intense, as he exposed the many challenges facing Barbadians at this time.

“Put your issues in perspective”, he said, “fear will rob you of your dreams but hold on to the word of God. The word shapes your reality. Do not let the devil steal the word out of your life. It shall come to pass!”

The Ablaze Worship Celebration is a worship conference designed to create a greater capacity for the local church and to become a major worship conference within Barbados, with global reach and impact. Next year’s installment of the event is expected to be bigger and better, when it takes a different format over a full weekend. For those who missed it in 2012, you have never seen anything like this!

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