Radio Crop-Over

Adrian Boo Husbands.

by Donna Sealy

Crop-Over needs its own radio station, says musician and tent manager Adrian Boo Husbands.
The festival is also “suffering from too many tents”, he told Barbados TODAY in an interview.
The manager of the Headliners Tent said he made the suggestion about the radio station to the NCF during a recent meeting.

“I’ve made a suggestion to the NCF, … [that] during Crop-Over from May down to the end of August [it] should have its own frequency running a station named Crop-Over Barbados in which it plays 100 per cent music from this year or 80 per cent from this year and 20 per cent from past years.

“People who want to be dedicated to Crop-Over will want to be tuned in there and hear it and I’m sure that advertisers [would consider it as] a possibility. Once it is well publicised it gives then the 500-600 tunes that are getting released for Crop-Over a chance of being played and being played often and gives the people decent rotation,” Husbands said.

The manager of the Headliners Tent said if the station was set up, some of those songs played on the graveyard shift at 2 and 3 in the morning would get the airplay during prime time.

He is also suggesting the songs be screened for quality.

“If a man brings a song and it is clearly rubbish, somewhere along the line call him and explain to him what you feel about the song and how he could have improve it. I think it is essentially a way to get away from what people call ‘announcer biases’ because announcers have songs that they’re not playing but they’ll tell you ‘we’re here waiting on a release from [an artist]’ but you have releases from [others] that they’re not playing,” he said.

On the tent issue he said “it has nothing to do with standards, it’s pure mathematics”.

“If we continue [this way] there are going to be tents that will be judging before Crop-Over actually starts and that don’t make no sense because we recognise that it takes a while for people to get in the Crop-Over spirit. The 10th of July we judged, the 11th of July and 14 or 15 tents judged already that means they had to start judging late in June. Crop-Over started the 30th so you got tents being involved in Crop-Over judging before Crop-Over actually starts.

“Any kind of build up for those tents would have had to be in May and they couldn’t open in May because the people figured they couldn’t be ready, so a whole shift has to be made where that is concerned,” Husbands asserted.

The former musical director of the Party Monarch band also said that the festival was the “only opportunity” for the calypsonians and people involved in the art form to really express themselves and this was the reason why there was no new local music but in May there were 500 songs, which could not all get “reasonable airplay”.

“I think that other fora need to be developed so that people get the opportunity to … practise their craft and … expose their talents while developing and then they may not be the amount of pressure on Crop-Over for everybody to have to be in it …,” Husbands said.

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