Gibbs ready to work with Warner

PORT OF SPAIN — Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs yesterday said he was looking forward to working with National Security Minister Jack Warner to plan a way to improve the Police Service and assure the safety and security of all citizens.

A statement from Gibbs was presented during yesterday’s daily media briefing at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain, by Sergeant Wayne Mystar, public information officer of the Police Service, who said it was intended to clear up inaccuracies in the media.

Defending the 21st-century policing initiative, which he referred to as “a proven international strategy to fight crime,” Gibbs said the police continued to “work assiduously to reduce crime and the fear of crime.” Warner has been openly critical of the initiative, even as he continues to call for increased police presence to help in the fight against crime.

Gibbs said the objectives of the initiative include a citizen-centred Police Service, fostering greater relations between the community and officers; a responsive, caring and competent service, committed to solving serious crime and homicides; enhancing the efficiency of officers; and rebuilding public trust and restoring confidence.

He said a caring, competent and committed organisation could not be rebuilt without the employees and he remained “concerned and committed” to improving the welfare of the officers to boost morale. Gibbs continued: “Although salary negotiations are outside the purview of the Commissioner of Police, the commissioner is committed and supports continued negotiations between the Police Social and Welfare Association and the CPO for an immediate and agreeable settlement that is fair to all parties.

“Contrary to views, the commissioner supports the $1,000 a month payment for SRPs, as they play a vital role in the sustainability of the Police Service.” Gibbs said his executive was constantly working to motivate officers and between January 1 and June 30 this year, 372 officers of various ranks had been promoted.

He said officers were appointed to act on the basis of several considerations and those appointments “are made in order to fill vacancies which may exist as a result of officers who may have proceeded on extended sick leave, vacation leave or retirement.” Gibbs said 12 per cent of the manpower of the organisation had been appointed to act in various ranks. (Guardian)

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