Turtles crushed during river work

PORT OF SPAIN — Thousands of leatherback hatchlings were crushed to death at the weekend as the Ministry of Works used excavators to redirect the Grande Riviere River, at the north east coast.

The ministry had been called in when the river, running west, eroded most of the beach front, threatening the stability of several homes and hotels.

The community was horrified, though, when excavation work began Saturday without their knowledge on what is the most nest-intensive part of the beach.

Among those buildings under threat was the Mt Plaisir Estate Restaurant and Hotel, the most popular tourist accommodation during turtle nesting season.

The Ministry was called in two weeks ago by hotel owner Piero Guerrini.

The massacre that took place over the past two days was not the help that was expected.

“It is so unfortunate and there are so many mixed feelings,” Guerrini said.

“This is a shock. On the one hand the erosion needed to be stopped but what has happened here is not right,” he said.

Marc deVerteuil, of Papa Bois Conservation said the debacle could have been avoided with proper land zoning and co-ordination between relevant agencies.

Sherwin Reyz, a member of the Grand Riviere Environmental Organisation, spent yesterday salvaging those hatchlings that were still alive – and clearing the beach of hundreds of dead ones.

Reyz was among those in the community who began a rescue mission early yesterday and by evening had saved abut 500 hatchlings.

The babies were kept in a cool dugout area behind Mt Plaisir hotel, to be released last night.

On the beach, hundreds of eggs could be seen, some crushed and some rolling in the surf. Here and there, hatchlings could be seen fighting for life, some still partially in the shell.

Excavation work went on all day in what is classed by conservationists as zone four of Grande Riviere, which is just over a kilometre long and is the third most prolific sea turtle nesting site in the world. (Express)

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