Sweet pan, hot sand!

ncf bringing 50-piece steel orchestra from trinidad for pan pun de sand

The first ever 50-piece steel orchestra will be coming to Barbados for the Neal & Massy Pan Pun De Sand.

At the media launch for the event this afternoon at Weiser’s Beach Bar, Brandons on the Spring Garden Highway, event planner, Karen Pestaina, disclosed that Trinidad and Tobago’s Republic Bank Exodus would headline the event to climax what was considered by many as the most anticipated pan event of the year.

She further promised those attending on Sunday that it would be a great family event, with performances from The Eastern Practitioners and the Tropical Steel Orchestra, Olakunde, Mosaic led by Ziggy Walcott among many more as well as a special area where children can play while the adults enjoyed the sweet rhythms of the steel band.† Now in its tenth year, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Cultural Foundation, John Clarke, said that Neal & Massy Pan Pun De Sand had grown significantly. Last year an estimated 20,000 people attended the event and he credited the sponsors for some of the growth.

“Not only has the involvement of our sponsors led to an increase in patronage of pan events, but has more importantly led to the development of pan in Barbados as many of our local pan orchestras hone their skills just to have an excellent showcase at Pan Pun De Sand. The NCF is a developmental agency charged with the responsibility of nurturing local, cultural and creative competencies, thanks to Neal & Massy’s sponsorship of Pan Pun De Sand we can see practical realisation of this mandate,” he said.

Title sponsors of the event were represented by Public Relations Manager of BS&T, Jennifer Branch, who also spoke on the “phenomenal” growth of the event and said the for Neal & Massy the event embodied some of the core brand values which they were pleased to be associated with.

“We at BS&T, through our sponsorship of Pan Pun De Sand, have also seen a growing appreciation for the steel pan music among locals. This significant growth can be contributed to the exposure given to this uniquely Caribbean instrument through events such as Pan Pun De Sand and other initiatives developed and nurtured††by the NCF. We therefore wish to commend the NCF for their efforts and thank then for giving us this opportunity to play a small part in helping them to realise their goals with respect to steel pan music in Barbados,” she said.

Neal & Massy Pan Pun De Sand on Sunday would culminate a week long session of pan events, starting on Thursday with the First Citizen’s Pan Fusion at Ilaro Court then Republic Bank’s Pan In De City on Saturday. (KNC/MR) ††

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