Sweet for the stage


by Kimberley Cummins

Still mighty in performance and sweet in song, Kishee Mighty Sweetness Moore had not changed.

Six years after winning the 8-12 Junior Monarch contest with Stop The Discrimination, last Sunday evening she performed for the first time before the Pic-O-De-Crop judges. Now a member of the ADC/Digicel Big Show calypso tent, in an interview this morning at her home, Moore told Barbados TODAY that her love for calypso was her catalyst for returning to the art form.

After experiencing what she said was the best year of her life – winning the crown in 2006 – she returned a few times to compete, but she was not as successful. Then a student at the Metropolitan High School, she entered the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest first singing calypso later popular music.

Mighty Sweetness said she reached the final on each occasion nevertheless she did not win the title.

“I decided to give myself a break from calypso but I couldn’t stay away from it for long so I decided I wanted to sing again,” she said.

Through the Mighty Gabby, who she described as a father figure, she began her career in calypso and it was through him again she was able to return to the genre – this year he penned both of her Pic-O-De-Crop numbers.

Moore said the transition from the junior to the senior competition was not difficult but admitted there was much she needed to learn since to be in such a “big yard” with more mature calypsonians she had to step up her game.

At just 18 years old, Moore showed an improved level of maturity when she experienced a mishap on judging night. That night when she mounted the Plantation Garden Theatre stage to perform Play That Pan the band instead played the music for Play That Soca. MC Mac Fingall remarked other people in here position would have walked off the stage crying; instead she stood fast and continued.

“I thought I was messing up, I was singing and it wasn’t corresponding no matter what I did. So the band was stopped and then Mac Fingall explained what happened. I was super nervous plus it was judging night and I tried not to let it offset me to the point that I couldn’t go back on.

“I wanted to break down; I wanted to come off the stage and drop down. I don’t know what happened, I didn’t have time to think about dropping down and freezing or nothing, it was like ‘You have to go back on stage now so why do that?’

“I was back stage freaking out, I wanted to cry but I think God was keeping everything inside me. I went back on stage with a smile, I still can’t believe I was smiling… But from the time I came back off and although people said I did well, I cried – I broke down. The audience understood what had happened and they encouraged and applauded me. To be honest I gave my best so whatever the result is, I can’t be vex,” she said.

After that experience Moore said she was not fazed at all and stated she was hoping to get through to the finals. Regardless of if she makes it further in the competition this year or not, Mighty Sweetness assured that Barbados had not seen or heard the last of her.

“I coming back every year,” she vowed. “You will see a lot from me.” kimberleycummins@barbadostoday.bb

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