Potential in Codrinton College

Minister with responsibility for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Stephen Lashley, has acknowledged Codrington College as a major heritage site and has stressed the need for it to be treated as such and be highlighted more.

Following a tour of the college last Friday with Archbishop of the West Indies, Dr. John Holder, members of the Codrington Trust, and representatives of the ministry, Lashley underscored the institution’s historic significance and stated that Government had a “vested interest in the preservation of the college”.

He pointed out that “the institution falls within the proposed site for a second inscription to UNESCO’s World Heritage status, for which the application is currently being prepared”.

The visit was designed to familiarise the minister with those projects which the trust is currently engaged in and to propose “a number of areas which would require engagement with Government”.

Lashley observed that: “Based on the lands available to the college, one of the things we discussed is looking at how we could have certain linkages or synergies between Codrington College and the ministry, particularly the Division of Youth. And, we looked at how we could start a youth project, particularly in agriculture… There will be ongoing discussions between the Codrington Trust and the ministry to look at that possibility.”

He noted that there was potential for young people to undertake certain entrepreneurial activities that would draw attention to the rich heritage of Codrington.

The minister further pledged his ministry’s commitment to ensuring that Government was made aware of the various developments at the institution “so that, wherever possible, we can look to move them along throughout the various ministries”.

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