Parents happy with Broomes

Parents with children at the Alexandra School have no problem with Principal Jeff Broomes or his administration of the institution.

This was communicated to the Commission of Enquiry into the school by President of the Parent-Teacher Association, Carl Benskin, today.

His comments were made while giving evidence when the tribunal resumed sittings at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.

While being examined by the principal’s senior counsel Vernon Smith, QC, Benskin, who is also a member of the school’s board of management through his PTA position, said most parents were pleased with Broomes’ work.

“The majority of the parents appreciate the handling of Mr Broomes as it relates to the children and they don’t have no bad feelings and they commented during the strike that he was able to some extent to manage the children,” the witness testified.

“And I find that under his remit during this crisis a lot of the children responded, obeyed instructions and they got along, so children appreciate what was happening as far as he was concerned.”

Benskin was also happy that the board of management, which he said during his testimony was “petty” in aspects of its relations with Broomes, was now doing its work in a better manner.

“I find recently that they (the board) have been focussing on the task at hand, which is dealing with the issues coming up to the board … I can see there is a change in that if the principal writes on anissue they would indicate that the principal is not here let us go on and deal with something else, or that is not our remit,” he stated. (SC)

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