Mobile app warns motorists of potholes

KINGSTON — Pothole Positioning System Jamaica, the grand prize winning innovation of the Digital Jam 2.0 Mobile App competition is aimed at reducing the number of road fatalities in Jamaica caused by potholes.

Recognising the problem of potholes in Jamaica, Team PPS built a mobile application to inform motorists of roads with potholes.

“A lot of Jamaicans have BlackBerrys but don’t know the power of the device,” said Joel Dean, leader of Team PPS, a group of four students at the Northern Caribbean University.

The mobile app is also aimed at providing Government with detailed statistics of areas with high numbers of potholes on the island.

PPS has a driving mode feature that involves placing a smartphone – which has a sensor, enabled by the app to respond to jerks when a driver hits a pothole – on a vehicle’s dashboard. Upon sensing a jerk, the driver is asked to confirm whether the disruption was caused by a pothole, after which, if affirmitive, the app records the location which is tracked by the smartphone’s global positioning system.

Nicolas Brown, the lead developer told the Jamaica Observer that the app has two additional features which enable PPS users to record and track potholes. (Observer)

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