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no punches pulled at lionel hall boxing tournament

by Wade Gibbons

An unfortunate, if minor 40-second skirmish, did not mar an otherwise entertaining Amateur Boxing Association of Barbados boxing package, dubbed the Lionel Hall Memorial Tournament after the late senior police officer and boxing official, at the Netball Stadium Saturday night.

In the 11th bout of the 12-fight card between light-welterweights Cobia Breedy of the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme (BDFSP) and St Lucia’s Dalton George the action had been fast and furious, with the Barbadian pugilist showing a bit more composure while George seemed intent on wild lunges and swings.

A solid right cross to George’s head, followed by a left to the chest momentarily shook George, but simultaneously seemed to infuriate him. He got even wilder, and during an exchange on the ropes, where some low blows were delivered by both fighters, the referee tried to separate the fighters and called for them to break.

Whether George heard the instructions or was too incensed to bother will never be known, suffice to say, he ignored the instructions and continued to pummel Breedy which was an automatic disqualification. Before the referee or the other officials could bring order to proceedings, a few idiots with no official reason for entering the ring did precisely that and added to the brief melee.

Earlier, in a bantamweight contest, Ricardo Blackman of the BDFSP looked a classy prospect in the 52kg category as he took on and defeated Trinidad and Tobago’s Levi Francis on points. The quality immediately noticed was Blackman’s movement and ability to slip punches. He often moved outside Francis’ left lead and countered with a swift right cross. His side to side movement and ability to cut off counters suggested sound knowledge and good training. With some work on the heavy bags to strengthen his punching, Blackman looks a good amateur prospect.

The heavyweight clash between Jamal Waithe of the Thunderbird Gym and the BDFSP’s Kishmar Husbands was a wild affair. Both boxers threw technique and composure through the window and simply came out swinging at each other. It was obvious that whoever landed the first good lucky punch would emerge victorious. Ninety-seconds into the first round, and amid the flaying fists, Waithe copped a left flush on the chin and fell to the canvas like a log. Husbands got the win but needs to adhere more to technique.There were some calling Barbados’ Leonard Harewood “Sugar Ray” as he entered the ring for his middleweight bout against St Lucia’s Kyghan Morley. But for those who might have thought the designation had something to do with his boxing prowess, one minute and a left-hook later they might have considered calling him “Sleeping Ray” instead.

Morley’s thunderous blow dropped Harewood on his back, and there he remained for about four minutes, more stunned than unconscious. He moved his hands and head while on the canvas and responded to ringside medic Dr Glasford throughout the attention she administered.

Mary Fraser of the National Gym won her pin-weight battle against I’Precious Lythcott from the Belfield Gym in what was a highly entertaining and close bout. Unlike some of their male counterparts, the two stuck to technical boxing, jabbing, trying combinations, sometimes looking for over-hand rights off left leads, and generally showed they knew what they were about.

The National Gym’s Keithland King ended the night’s package with a convincing win over St Lucia’s Lyndel Marcellin† in a welterweight clash. Marcellin retired at the end of the second round after soaking up some punishment, much of which came from dropping his left guard every time he attempted a shot with his right. King repeatedly exploited this with straight, heavy left jabs that found their mark more often than not.

Others on the card were Tahj Farley of the BDFSP who had a points win over Belfield Gym’s Derrick Hyman; National Gym’s Kumi Israel who overcame some first round difficulties to gain the points win over Rico Jones of the Thunderbird Gym; Welterweight Jamal Edmund defeated National Gym’s Roje Beckles on points; a defenceless Javon Forde of Thunderbird Gym was rescued by the referee in the first round of his bout against fellow bantamweight of the National Gym; Jabali Breedy of the National Gym defeated St Lucia’s Joshua Browne on points; and I’Darcos Austin won after his twin brother I’Wisey Austin and fellow Belfield Gym fighter ran out of steam and retired in the second round. ††††

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