Housing not cheap

government’s housing programme too expensive for low income earners

Founder of Barbados’ newest political party, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury, says that Government’s housing programme needs tweaking.

He said as it is presently, that programme which has seen several low and middle income earners own their own homes, was “too expensive” did not give Barbadians “a lift up in society” and there was a need for a different and more effective model for housing projects that would “uplift and bless” them.

“I believe that what they term affordable housing isn’t really affordable housing — what they’re calling starter homes. I personally believe that a starter home or a house should be one that a person can eventually move on from. When you are creating systems were a person is going into a property that has been constructed, they’re paying for land, they’re paying for the home and are in a 25 to 30 year mortgage it really does not say this is something that you’re going to be able to move on from,” he said in an interview with Barbados TODAY.

“I believe the system should be structured in such a way that we work closely with individuals’ income, we have statistics on them so that we can develop housing that goes along with that individual’s income. I’m not really seeing that right now.

“The other part is that the type of housing that’s being developed by Government for low income individuals does not really give them the leverage that’s necessary to get to the place where they dream enough to say, ‘Okay this is a start for us, this is not where we are going to eventually be. We’re going to be able to move on from this’…

“I believe that if we are going to do housing, individuals should be able to have a say in the style of house that they would like instead of giving them a house that is designed just by you so they don’t have a choice in what they would like,” Scantlebury stated.

He does not think that people should opt for a two- or three-bedroom house but instead be part of the system and should provide feedback on what they would like.

Housing is one of the planks the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance would be basing it’s platform on when it contest the next general elections.

The party leader has also taken issue with what good agricultural land being used for housing.

“I think it’s really destroying Barbados as a nation because when you’re taking prime quality land that can be used for agricultural purposes to do these projects it’s really destroying what we can develop ourselves into as a credible and very strong nation,” he added. (DS)

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