Congratulations Jamal!

The management and staff of the Sandy Lane hotel held a congratulatory party for The Taste of the Caribbean Bar Tender of the Year, Jamal Bowen, today.

He won the title about two weeks ago in Miami and today Public Relation Manager at Sandy Lane, Janelle Hunte, told Barbados TODAY the celebrations was their way of saying thank you and congratulations to him. There was food, drinks, laughs and plenty of smiles to celebrate his accomplishment this afternoon. Having begun his career at the St. James hotel as a waiter, he worked in that capacity for close to two years until he moved on to the bar staff, where he had remained for eight years. General Manager Randall Williams described Bowen as an inspiration to others, he said Bowen was one of the youngest bar tenders at the competition and though it was his third try he never once gave up on his dream.

Manager of Finance Risk and Compliance, Jo-Ann Roett, as well spoke of more personal experiences she had with him, while a fellow staff member read a poem which was written for and dedicated to him, while Bars Manager Paul Alleyne had all good things to say about him.

A very excited Bowen said he was amazed by the gesture of the establishment.

“I was not expecting it. I didn’t realise it was as big a thing for them as it was to me. I feel very good because I didn’t know so many people held me in high esteem,” he said. (KC)

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