Coming home


Miami has come to Barbados this year in the form of Unies International Bajan Gems Kadooment Band, which for the first time is playing mas in the designer’s native homeland.

For the last three years, said producer Undine Rouse, the band has been playing mas in the US, with bands on the road for carnival.

This year however, designer and bandleader Alison Adams decided to bring the band home for Crop-Over, titling their virgin run at the festival, Our Heritage.

Rouse said the idea behind the theme was to depict a number of elements of Bajan culture and heritage, using components synonymous with the island.

The band house is located at 2nd Avenue, Fairholme Gardens, Maxwell, Christ Church and the sections are Sugar Cane, Flying Fish and Cou Cou and the Landship.

“These are all indigenous products of our island. The concept behind this theme is to showcase the diversity of our Heritage and the products that are made here and the foreign exchange it brings in,” said Rouse.

The Sugar Cane section, also has sub-sections – Green Sugar Cane, which represents the coming of age of the cane before it is ready to be cut, and Burnt Sugar Cane, another practise familiar at crop time. Each costume has a head-dress with blades of the sugar cane fluttering in the breeze and in the case of the burnt canes with fire and flames rising high as it penetrates the fields.

“With this product we get rum, molasses, crystal sugar and swank is made from this product.”

The second section, Flying Fish and Cou Cou, the island’s national dish; and Rouse said the fact that flying fish seem to be leaving the country’s shores will be a factor in this section.

The Landship features a nurse and a captain who are going through rough seas.

Rouse said apart from just a costume band, they will also be hosting a number of coming events, including a pool party. (LB)

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