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Come see The Joyof Architecture

Come see The Joy

of Architecture

The Barbados Institute of Architects this week launched the eighth biennial of the Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects.

This distinguished regional conference will be headquartered at the Barbados Hilton Hotel from September 27 to 30, under the theme, “The Joy of Architecture”.

President Michael Lashley said that the association was pleased to host the conference, as Barbadians would have the opportunity to see architecture at its best.

“Barbadians are typically very conservative and this is reflected in our architecture. We will be having an exhibition as part of the conference which will showcase works from around the region giving locals the opportunity to see cutting edge designs — many of them now built — that are sure to impress.”

He said that the main objective of the FCAA is to gather Caribbean architects and architects from neighbouring countries of the Caribbean basin in order to reinforce the professional, artistic, intellectual and friendly relations between them.

Biennial committee volunteer, Abigail Pilgrim, spoke of the areas that would be covered at the conference; including the meeting of the executive committee and General Assembly of the FCAA, the Biennial Design Competition, lectures, seminars, tours and the trade exhibition with products and services from around the region and beyond.

She defined the “joy of architecture” as the creation of spaces that serve and uplift us from era to era with such components as safety, security, and environmental sustainability being critical inputs by the architects.

BIA member Gordon Ashby said that Barbados, at present, does not have a building code but the provisions of a draft, currently under review by government, was already being incorporated in the local architects’ designs. He described the conference as not only a great platform for established professionals in the area such as architects, engineers, builders and manufacturers, but it would also be a good learning ground for current and future architectural students.

President of the FCAA, Eric Halley, also joined the launch through video. He said that, with the support of FCAA, a number of strides were being made between the European Union and CARIFORUM countries for architects to work in different countries through free trade.

He said that the last conferences were held in Puerto Rico and Cuba and that he invited all the FCAA members to come and share in the Barbados event.

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