Revellers cautioned

Only In the Tropics is a true example of how a Foreday Mornin’ band can grow.

Three years ago, bandleaders O’Brian Worrell, Corey Clarke and Shane Kirton started as a section in another band. By the second year, they had graduated to taking charge of half of the band, which equated to half the cost of hosting a Foreday Mornin’ band.

“Last year we partnered with other bands, but this year we are fully on our own. We started out partnering because we were not sure of the response and the external costs of operating the band. So the first year we had a section, the second year we split it down the middle,” said Clarke.

This year, the crew has graduated and are cautioning all on the road that they are coming strong.

Under the theme, Caution — People Wuking Up, the band is catering to some 225 people this year with already close to 200 having registered, and Clarke noting that he would today have to restock on registration forms because the band-house was fast running out.

The colours for the band are florescent green, pink and baby blue for the girls, and florescent green and white for the males.

The concept, Clarke said though, was all positive.

“The band is Only in the Tropics and our theme has the concept of cautioning people about things we are doing this year in terms of drinking responsibly, partnering with HIV/AIDS Commission and then part of our proceeds will be made in a donation to children living with the disease, with HIV,” said Clarke.

“We basically came up with the band in the beginning seeing people were paying too much for Crop-Over and partying. We decided to have a group to have costumes and drinks more affordable as opposed to exploiting people in these tough economic times. Actually, our motto is keeping the party affordable. We came up with that and stuck to it.”

He said the group was especially grateful to the sponsors who had helped them be able to afford to put on a band this year, and additionally, they had produced an album featuring Worrell under the stage name O.B., which would be featured on the road. (LB)

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