A child shall lead them

I read a very interesting article in the Barbados Today of July 5, 2012 about a young 17 year old student by the name of Christopher Morgan, who is now the Junior Minister of Tourism.

This young man, needless to say, is way beyond his time. He’s intelligent, and most of all he pays attention to detail and things around him. This young man is taking his position as Junior Minister of Tourism very seriously. So many things that he has said makes so much sense, proving yet again the an education without common sense can make that person dangerous.

Christopher Morgan, I hope you accomplish all that you have set your mind to in life. Your honesty and out look on life are excellent, and you are going to gain many rewards for them.

You, young man, can teach the adults who are in office quite a few things about the business that they are conducting on a daily basics.

If I remember correctly, I’m more that sure that in the Bible there is something that stated — a child shall lead thee. Many of these young men and women in Barbados, if given a real chance to use not only the education that they gain in school, but the common sense that through paying attention to everything, and everyone around you can create, they can be truly a force to be reckon with, and contributors to the well being of Barbados in many sectors.

This young man has some very serious suggestions that need to be implemented not only within the school system, but also in the tourist industry.

My suggestion to the shot callers is to listen to the young men and women in Barbados who have an interest in the place of their birth, because at the end of the day all that you are doing, or not doing, is going to be directly impacting their lives.

Christopher, I am sure that your parents are truly very proud of you for you determination and drive towards excellence. It has truly brought much joy to my heart reading about your accomplishments, and the hopes that you have to make a serious contribution to Barbados.

I have printed out the article and made copies, which I have given to a few of my friends. One of them is a college professor, who had a very big smile on his face while reading about you. When he got finished, he turned to me and said: “It’s truly a wonderful thing to see a young … man with that much ambition at the tender age of 17.”

I also have another friend who is a lawyer, who is very pleased with your accomplishments, and said that if you continue to think as you are at present, you will become a lawyer, or anything else you chose to be.

Keep on doing what you are doing, and you will attain your goals in life. May you be forever blessed, young man.

— Charles Cadogan

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