Warriors' way

foreday mornin’ band pays tribute to taino people with designs

Spirits of Arawaks will rise again for one night only when Extreme Midnight Fantasy presents Rise of the Taino Warriors.

Fore Day Mornin’ band leader Anderson Skeete, told Barbados TODAY they decided to bring such a concept in their first year as a sign of respect for our ancestors. Characteristics of the Taino, which was another name for Arawak, would be recognised throughout the five sections. White for fortune, pink – dreams, black – victory, blue – legacy and red – fantasy.

The band would be outfitting 200 revellers; the males would be supplied with a tee-shirt while females a bottom and baby tee.

Skeete said they decided to stick with the more traditional tee-shirt concept of a Foreday Mornin’ band because he believed simplicity was best. Among many treats, revellers in Extreme Midnight Fantasy will benefit from a shuttle service to the jump up point, breakfast, unlimited drinks and special guest DJs. (KC)

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